Andaman Islands – The hidden gem of India

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.

– Jacques Yves Cousteau

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Rejuvenate yourself by the tranquility..

With the hue blue water shimmering under the golden rays of the sun, spanning the entire field of human vision and white sand lined up to be washed away with the lively waves, you are struck with the exotic beauty of Andamans as soon as you first set your eyes on it. Andamans possesses the capability to appeal to a poet as easily as to an adventurer.

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or by taking a dip in the emerald water

This is due to the fact that on one side it has beautiful beaches which will envelope you in its arms and on the other side it has a wide variety of water sports which will leave your stomach jittery. To mention a few, you could go scuba diving and explore a different world altogether with trees replaced by coral reefs and humans replaced by fishes. Or you could go for snorkeling, and peep into the marine life secretly. Or sea walking, in which you actually get to walk on the sea bed!

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The Cellular Jail, popularly known as Kala Pani. The wings radiates from the tower in a straight line, like the spokes of a bicycle wheel

Unfortunately, however enthralling and beautiful Andamans is, it has its share of dark history with Cellular jail standing as a mute witness of it. We started our awaited Andamans trip with a visit to the Cellular Jail and it wailed our hearts to see the prison cells which held and perished many patriots. The torturous Oil Mill and the isolation which every prisoner had to face inside the Jail was enough to drive any sane man towards insanity.


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Solitary cells in one of the seven wings.

Now, as a remembrance of the struggles which the patriots underwent, there is a light and sound show held in the evenings, inside the Cellular Jail, which throws light on the life of the prisoners and the Jail in general.


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Boats are a common mode of transportation in the Andaman archipelago

Baratang Island was our next halt where we went for a beautiful walk through the mangroves forests and swampy areas. In Baratang, we also got to ferry ride through mangroves lined on either sides and it was a sight to behold. So tranquil, so divine, so enchanting .

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Enchanting mangroves of Andaman

While in the ferry, one needs to keep their head low, lest getting hit by Mangrove’s branches! The trek led us to Limestone cave which was another natural delight. The cool, slippery surface of the rocks and the streaks of sunlight coming into the cave from a small hole in the rocks above leave you in a trace. We also visited the mud volcano post that which used to be an active volcano once. On our way back, we went through the Jarawa tribe area in a human safari. The Jarawas are one of the four tribes who are inhabitants of Andamans Island. They believe that the forests give them more than they need. They are generally to be found in groups. Their numbers are decreasing very fast because of which the government has taken measures to protect them.

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Hike to the limestone caves
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Watch your head while you are in Andaman

After that we went to the famous Havelock Islands where we headed to the Elephanta Beach. This beach had all kinds of water sports- snorkeling; Banana ride, Glass bottom ride and all of them were awesome fun. From there we went to the well-known Radhanagar Beach, no surprises there. Crowned with “Asia’s best beach” and “7th best beach in the world” title by Times magazine, Andamans trip is incomplete without a visit to Havelock.

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Silken smooth white sand and flawlessly colored blue water of Kalapathar Beach

With its green palm trees, white sand and flawlessly colored blue water it is every bit worthy of the crown. Another beach in Havelock, lesser known but worth visiting is Kalapathar beach. The beauty of it is so serene that one feels like absorbing the beauty of the place and keeping it within to go back to it again and again.

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We should sometimes slowdown and tell that voice in our head to be still as we cannot see our reflection in running water, it is only in still water that we can see.

With the enchanting beauty of Andamans having cast a spell on us forever, we finally said our goodbyes to the perfectly colored water, the tall palm trees the beautiful curves of white sand, the water sports which make your body go flutter and packed our bags after a blissful five day trip, sure in our hearts that this was one trip which will stay with us lifelong.

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Alluring sunset as Radhanagar beach

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Writing: Vanshika Agarwal    Photos: Yashovardhan


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